ASHA Convention

The ASHA convention this year has been great. I have learned so much and made some new connections. I love looking at the thickeners, even though I’m not a fan. It was fun getting a chance to meet and speak with Nancy Swigert, Steven Leder, Debra Suiter, Cathy Lazarus and so many other wonderful clinicians.

I had a chance to connect with VitalStim and look at the new Experia unit. Try out the IOPI, look at the forthcoming MOST. I received information on the forthcoming MBSImP instrument and look forward to the conference coming up on that information.

The posters were amazing. Even though I don’t agree with all of them, a lot of time and effort has been put into them, which is very much appreciated to all those out there attempting to better the field of dysphagia by finding new and exciting approaches and therapy techniques.

I’ve enjoyed the sessions I’ve been to. The MDTP was a little disappointing as I really wanted to know what KIND of therapy they were doing, but interesting and promising none the less. I really enjoyed the MBSImP session as I learned quite a bit there and am really excited about this becoming available for those of us that love modifieds!!!

I received free thickener, free one-way straws, lots of Chewy Tubes, a chance to possibly try the MOST and a chance to trial the Transmotion chair.

I was so excited about coming to ASHA, however this has far exceded my expectations and is so much bigger than I ever could have dreamed. It makes me excited to be an SLP and encourages me to continue on in my pursuit at BRS-S!!!

Thank you to ASHA for a wonderful time, although a personal assistant to lug around these heavy bags all day would have been a major plus. Kudos to all the wonderful presenters, exhibitors, volunteers etc. What a great place to be in November!!!

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