Taking it all home…

So, the ASHA convention such a wealth of knowledge. Now, I have to take it all home and apply it. (Not to mention figuring out how to get all the free stuff home!!)

I have a lot to do and not only am I blogging this to help me remember, but if any of you have any suggestions, please feel free!! I feel like the Jeri Logemann of Peru, having to start from the beginning!!

So first place first. Our radiology department has to realize that if we are going to increase volume in Modified Swallows, the first thing we need is up to date equipment. I need Varibar in the differing consistencies, a new, not-broken chair and video-taping capabilities. Especially if I’m going to use the MBSImP at some point, I need to use the standardized equipment.

We need new thickener. I’m a fan of the gum-based thickener if one needs to be used. The texture and appearance are far superior than the starch-based thickeners which will increase hydration, hopefully.

I need equipment. Athough I would so love to have the Experia, if they would just purchase a basic VitalStim machine!! If we are going to offer state-of-the-art, cutting-edge therapy I need the equipment. Also an IOPI or possibly a MOST.

FEES would be another good option, I feel, for our facility. I know the 2 larger, neighboring towns do not offer FEES and it would make us competitive.

Education is a must. I’m still getting referrals based on lack of a gag reflex. It’s not the 70’s anymore!! Nursing will be educated soon and hopefully doctors to follow.

So much to do and so little time. Time is definitely a barrier as I am also expected to be 75% productive. We are a contract company, our therapy team is contracted to the hospital, so that might be a large barrier!

Any ideas…???????

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