Things I wish I had learned in school…..

1.  More about research, particularly with dysphagia.
2.  More about treatment techniques, we touched on things like the Mendelsohn.
3.  Symptoms of each dysfunction.
4.  I wish we had more opportunities to trial equipment, observe MBSS, etc.
5.  I wish I had learned more about radiation and the effects of radiation.
6.  I wish we had focused more on muscles and cranial nerves.

Of course 10 years ago, my Dysphagia course was an elective, not a requirement and we had very little time to cover so very much.  I believe our class met once a week.

5 thoughts on “Things I wish I had learned in school…..

  1. Hi Tiffani! I love your enthusiasm for dysphagia. Question…I have a pt with severe dysphagia and was told today that she will need to have a g-tube placed. Is there such a thing as “recreational feeding”? I've been looking online and no luck yet. Thanks!!

  2. Usually we call it “pleasure feedings” but yes. Many times patients will still have a snack per se when they generally are NPO with a PEG.

    Good luck with your patient!! Another option you may want to look into is the Frazier Free Water Protocol. Whether she has free water or pleasure feeds, oral care is essential. She needs to have the cleanest mouth in town!!!

  3. can you explain “pleasure feeds” as you know it? I work in acute care and it seems to mean different things to different people. I have researched on ASHA and cannot find an exact definition.

  4. In my experience pleasure feeds are what the person wants to eat. It may be a cup of ice cream or a cup of pudding. I try to recommend something that may be as safe as possible. It's typically a small taste of food for pleasure, not the person's main source of nutrition.

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