What a week

This has definitely been a very odd week for me.  I haven’t been quite as busy at work, which is sometimes a good thing because it gives me time to catch up on my work.  It also gives me time to put off my work and try other things.  At the moment, I’m home with day 2 of the flu.  Woo!

One thing I got to do this week was speak to our community Senior Circle group.  I had the opportunity to speak about dysphagia, which was a topic that was new to most of the group.  I had the opportunity to discuss signs and symptoms of dysphagia, complications, treatment and assessment.  I was able to pass out literature and share my passion for the swallowing process.

I also had the opportunity to meet with Nicole Auten from Atos Medical.  What a wonderful person to have contact.  She is not only very helpful regarding items from the company but so helpful in the area of laryngectomees which is so new to me.  She helped me to change my first TEP (which was so easy with the Provox brand) and gave me so many helpful suggestions.  I so look forward to working with her in the near future!

I’ve been working furiously on my new app idea, getting it ready to submit to SmartyEars and just need to get the final touches into a document to send.

This weekend will start my quest to present at ASHA.  I look forward to submitting several proposals this year.

I also have one more project in the works, which will remain a secret for now, but will soon be revealed.

Happy Swallowing to all!

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