Acupuncture and Dysphagia

This is a post from my friend Adam.  I LOVE it!!!  I’ve heard of many people wanting to try acupuncture as a quick cure for dysphagia.  I wish people would realize that there is NO quick fix for dysphagia.  Thank you Adam!!  You can find his blog at  

Acupuncture is 93.3% effective for dysphagia

2 thoughts on “Acupuncture and Dysphagia

  1. S Stern says:

    Your opinion is clear, however, please remember that acupuncture has a 5,000 year history–if it doesn’t work as you rant–why would it still be around?!!! Sure there are shortcomings in translation and differences in philosophies, however, I suggest it would be a healthy exercise for you to leave yourself open to find the positive. Take what you like (which for you might be aspirin : ) and leave the rest as they say.

    • This post is not about acupuncture in general but about acupuncture with swallowing disorders. The nature of dysphagia makes me skeptical that acupuncture would be effective for swallowing and we’re waiting for evidence that this would be effective.

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