I am officially excited about ASHA 12.  (Not that I haven’t been since last year in San Diego).  I hope to meet many of my readers, Facebook and Twitter friends at ASHA in Atlanta this year.  I figured it’s that time of year that I should post a little bit about my recommendations in preparation for ASHA.

1.  If you don’t already have one, create a Twitter and Facebook account.  Join SLP groups and on Twitter, find the #Slpeeps.  I am @apujo5 on Twitter.  Benefits of social networking for the ASHA convention?  You get all the heads-up on the behind-the-scenes info.

You meet great new friends so that  you don’t have to be at the conference alone.  You can also find someone to share a room and save a little money.

There is a “tweet-up” on Friday where you can meet the people behind the Twitter handles.

This year we are having a “pre-conference” dinner and there are several of us that met up last year staying in the same hotel.

2.  Pack comfortable clothes and shoes.  Yes, as professionals we often dress nice, but trust me, you will appreciate the Nikes and jeans.  Last year I was away from my hotel room from 7 a.m. until about 11 p.m.  I was EXHAUSTED and just missing my comfy clothes.  You can learn new information whether you are in a dress or in a pair of jeans!  (Besides, if this is your first convention, the exhibit is ENORMOUS!)

3.  Bring a backpack.  I personally am not a huge fan of the infamous Super Duper bags.  Not only do they stink, they are not all that comfortable to haul around.  There are so many freebies at ASHA, you definitely need something supportive to carry your stuff.  If your backpack is big enough, you can stuff a Super Duper bag into it.

4.  Bring your phone, tablet and your charging cords.  No matter how great your battery is, you will more than likely need to charge it at some point during the day.  Especially if you are one of those #Slpeeps that tweet throughout the entire convention.

There are also chargers you can bring for your phone that you don’t have to plug in during a session.  Last year I purchased the iGo Green charger.   You plug it in to charge over night and can use it to charge up to 2 devices while it’s charging.  While you’re sitting in a course, you can plug your phone (doesn’t have to be an iPhone) and charge it from anywhere in a room.  No mad dash for a seat close to an outlet needed.

Also, by bring a tablet, you eliminate the need to haul around pens and notebooks.

5.  Register for ASHA now!  The convention is offered at a discount for ASHA members, with the highest discounted rate through the month of August.  The scheduler should be appearing on the ASHA website soon and you will definitely need to schedule and reschedule for courses you want to attend.  Make sure you select some alternate courses as there are times you get to the convention and some of the courses/posters have been cancelled.

6.  It’s never too early to start packing.  The more you plan what you need to take, the more prepared you will be!  I personally do much better if I pack early because I will inevitably remember things I need to take later on.  Also, the more room you can make in your bag the better, (remember, I already mentioned the enormous amount of freebies!)

7.  Make sure you sign up for all the freebies.  The opening party, awards ceremony and closing party are actually a lot of fun.  Better yet, they’re also free!  You are already spending all that money on registration anyway.  The conference also offers a box lunch for a small price (I think $7 a day).  It really beats having to fight crowds at restaurants and all the waiting (giving you more time at the exhibit hall.)  The boxed lunch are pretty decent and quite affordable.

8.  Prepare to have FUN.  The ASHA convention is a blast.  It takes forever for it to come around every year, but once it starts, the time flies.  There is so much to do and so many people to meet.  Prepare for one of the greatest convention experiences of your life!!

One thought on “ASHA 12

  1. Thanks for the tips! I was wondering about attire, since it seems kind of dressy at ISHA, at least the first two days. I wasn't sure if I would need to wear professional for all of ASHA, or just for my poster session.

    And I was wondering if I had just missed the scheduler, since I hadn't seen it yet. Glad to know it just isn't ready yet.

    I have signed up for all freebies, and I need to figure out my housing so I can get a room/mate, if needed! Looking forward to it!

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