Speech Cards

I was recently given the opportunity to review an app called Speech Cards by RWH Technology.  This post is a little unusual from my posts (I typically talk about dysphagia), but I figured I would give it a try since I do work with other diagnoses as well.

Speech Cards professional was created with students in mind.  What I like is that because it’s “real life” pictures, I feel I can also use it with my adult patients.  You have the option to save students/patients within the app to track their progress.

The app offers 4 categories of words.  Animals, foods, initial p words and CVC words.  The lists contain approximately 10 words per category, so it might even make for a good screening tool.

You can record the production of the words and if you touch the picture, their is a verbal prompt to the word as well.  You have the option after the session is complete to keep the report or discard it with recordings and percentage accuracy given.  You can also print a detailed report telling you percentage accuracy on each word.

I use this app for naming.  With the limited word choices, I use it more for a screener as patients would learn only a limited number of words.  I would love to see more word categories added for a larger selection of words from which to choose.

The recording option and data report option is nice to have creating convenient data tracking.  This is not an app I would necessarily use as a treatment tool, but as I’ve said, it is nice to use for screening.

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