I finally did it!  My first presentation was last week in North Carolina.  It was a very different experience for me.

I started out working at the hospital that morning.  I saw 3 patients, including 1 MBSS and then rushed off to Indy to catch my plane.  I flew to Detroit, to fly back down to Asheville.  After a very long trip, or so it seemed, I went to get my rental car.  They told me it was a light green Chevy Spark.  I walked out in the parking lot and was praying THAT was not my car.  It was.

Yes, this is the car I had to drive.  My carry on luggage just fit in the trunk.  The only good thing I can say about this car is after over 5 hours of driving, I put $28 in the tank.

My first presentation on dysphagia was in Asheville.  There were 12 registrants for this course.  I thought this would be a great way to break into the presentation world.  I had been working on this presentation since February.  I was so excited to speak.  I was surprisingly not nervous at all.  I sincerely enjoyed the presentation.  I just realized, after the first presentation, I needed to tweak it just a bit to make it flow a little better.

After my first presentation, I drove to Charlotte.  Charlotte had 34 registrants.  It was very exciting to speak again.  I did tweak the presentation and moved some slides around to make it all flow a little better.  I was a little nervous about that, but everyone was very forgiving!  Again, I wasn’t nervous at all!  It was like a huge adrenaline rush doing the presentation.

It was so nice being in Charlotte, my cousin lives there and I haven’t seen him since the summer.  I had the opportunity to meet him for dinner before moving onto Raleigh.

Raleigh was the largest of the presentations with nearly 60 people attending.  That was by far my best presentation.

It was so exciting just to share all these things I’ve learned through reading, studying and practice.  It was equally exciting knowing that maybe I had inspired even a few people and made them think about dysphagia in a whole new way.  It was so exciting meeting new people and being the presenter!

I look forward to my next presentation in January down South, Little Rock, Jackson and Memphis.  I get to present again in June in Illinois!

If you or your company is looking for a presentation on dysphagia, please feel free to contact PESI and set up a presentation!  I look forward to doing this more and more and traveling all over.  Especially Hawaii!  🙂

Thank you again to everyone who came and listened!  I really enjoyed it!

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