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This isn’t my normal type of post and has nothing to do with dysphagia, but I wanted to post on the school shooting.

It absolutely breaks my heart to think what those little kids went through.  As a mother, it tears my heart out to think of never holding or seeing my children again.  I hurt for those parents who lost everything that day.  I see the flags half-mast and I tear up knowing what it means.  I can hardly bear to look at the pictures of the kids.

In the midst of all this, everyone blames guns and the push continues for stricter gun laws.  I think the important message to take from this is you just never know.  Your life or the life of a loved one can end in an instant, whether it’s at the hands of another person, no matter what weapon or manner they choose to use, cancer, disease or an accident.  You just never know when it’s going to happen.

I think the lesson we can all learn from this is to cherish the time we have with our kids, your friends, your family.  Love them with all of your heart.  As I pray and try to understand this, it makes me realize how precious the time is that I have with my little ones and makes me cherish it that much more!

  I don’t think any of us will ever truly understand what happened or why.   I don’t think I want to understand why someone would do something so horrible.  The thing I plan to take from this is to love my kids and spend every moment possible with them.

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