Lost Somewhere in a Pediatric World

Are there ever times you just question what you do in life?  There are times, I do.  Then I take a good look at what I do and realize, I don’t really want to be anywhere else.  I’ve worked in many different settings, with both peds and adults.  I LOVE my adults and LOVE working with people with swallowing difficulties.  To me, that is the most rewarding part of my job.

 I also sometimes feel alone in my world of medical adult therapy.  I get on the iPad looking for apps and almost everything is so pediatric based.  I do use my iPad in therapy with adults, but I am very picky on my apps.  I don’t like the “cartoony” apps for my adults.  There are therapists out there in the world that use pediatric resources for adults, however to me, I would not like an activity like that and will not subject my patients to that.  I often see it as demeaning and belittling, but maybe that’s just me.

 I get on Pinterest, with which I have a current obsession, and see all these cute, pediatric ideas.  There is an education category on Pinterest, but not a whole lot for medical.  I love getting ideas for Pinterest, however sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming with the amount of pediatric resources available and the lack of adult resources.

 Twitter is full of resources, but also seems to be very much pediatric based, which is probably the reason I spend most of my time on Facebook, where we have several adult-based groups, with adult-based therapists that share evidence-based practice ideas (and sometimes inaccurate opinions, but hey, it’s still nice to hear various sides and arguments which promote thinking.)

 I challenge all of you adult SLPs out there to help me in creating a larger basis for all of us adult, medical SLPs.  I applaude the efforts of Megan Sutton (Tactus Therapy Solutions) and Barbara Fernandes (Smarty Ears) for delving into the world of adult therapy on i devices (iPad, iPhone) and creating apps I can use in my therapy.   I am so looking forward to seeing more!!  (Or people that could help me turn my ideas into apps!  ;))

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