Lab Tests: App Review

App:  Lab Tests

What it is:  An app that explains values, function and results of the lab values we find in patient charts

Price:  $2.99

System:  iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Version:  3.1

This app is excellent if you are looking to interpret lab values for those acute care patients that have their labs drawn daily or for SNF patients that return from the hospital or have their labs drawn.

You can look up each lab value in the catgory of test i.e. cardiac tests, lipis, urine, etc.

If you look under Red Blood Cells and then choose HbA1c, you are going to get a reference range, a short description and clinical information:


This app is very useful in your chart reviews.  Although most lab results will have an indication whether the value of the lab is high or low, you can also look up the clinical information and indication through this app freeing up some (in my case) much needed brain space.

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