Operation: ASHA Convention

Wow!  It’s almost here and I’m so not ready for it!!  I would have typically written several blog posts regarding the convention, however this year has been just a little crazier than my normal year!

The ASHA convention.  The grandest SLP convention of them all!  This is by far the biggest and craziest convention I’ve ever attended.

Every other year I’ve attended the convention (this will be my fourth convention), I’ve been busy preparing, making my schedule and trying to decide what courses will be best, what will be my back-up courses and how to get as many CEUs as possible!

This year, will be a bit more relaxed.  I’m not presenting, thank heavens.  I’m also not going for CEUs.  Not that this will be a vacation for me, far from it.  I do plan on attending a course or two, but if I don’t make it, I’m not stressing it.

This year, the majority of my convention will be spent in the exhibit hall.  I will be networking, meeting new people, meeting up with old friends and working at the Smarty Ears and Yapp Guru tables.  I’m really excited to not have to run from here to there and everywhere!

I do continuing education throughout the year.  In fact, I’m good until next year.  I will continue to get as much continuing education as possible throughout the year through websites such as SpeechPathology.com.  I will also attend live courses as they come.  Hopefully there will be some good, relevant courses to take this year.

My prep for this ASHA convention has been easy, but there are items I cannot forget at home!

My backpack, the new 31 Vary You backpack will consist of:

My new iPad Air
My iPhone
My New Trent Charger-I need to thank Tara for this recommendation!

Light, absolutely!!  I can actually get a Super Duper bag this year to get as much free junk as I can haul!  It’s so nice to not have to worry about the airplane this year!

The wonderful thing about my iPad……it can do whatever I need!  I have no need for a laptop when I have my iPad with me.  I can also demonstrate all those wonderful apps that I will likely be questioned on multiple times an hour.  The New Trent charger will hold a charge and will charge both my phone and iPad throughout the day.  I don’t even have to plug anything into the wall charger until that evening!  How cool is that?

Not only will my bag be lighter this year, my clothes will be less formal.  I will definitely be toting around my Smarty Ears shirts, but will also be wearing pants, possibly jeans and sneakers.  That’s right.  No dress shoes for me!  This is significant for me because I wear dress shoes almost every day.  Especially when I’m travelling and speaking, the dress shoes are killer.

Another exciting thing about the convention this year is that the wifi is supposed to be free.  This is great for keeping connected throughout the convention.

I hope to see you at the exhibit hall, Tweet-up, SLPeeps meet up, BRS-S breakfast or the SIG 13 breakfast.

See you in Chicago!

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