Answering/Asking TherAppy

Nope, this is not an app related to dysphagia, however when I was asked to review the app, I was more than happy to do so!

Many times, we work with patients that exhibit a plethora of symptoms, dysfunctions or diagnoses.  So maybe plethora isn’t the accurate word, maybe a bit of an over-exaggeration, but sometimes we we feel that our patients are just plain difficult!

Here is my review of Anwering/Asking TherAppy  by Tactus Therapy, available on the App store.  If you want to trial the app, a Lite version is available for free with a small sample of what the app has to offer.


Question TherAppy by Tactus Therapy

I LOVE this app! The version of the app that I have has both the Asking and the
Answering version included. Two apps in one!

I had to play around with this app, so I started with the Answering TherAppy first. I had
the option, first to use the app as a guest or to create a user. When creating a user, I
was able to put in an automated voice rate, to either decrease or increase the rate of
speech of the auditory material and the option to change the automated voice to male or
female. I also was able to put in my email address so that when I’m done with the
session, results will go directly to my email. You can also complete a personal survey to
personalize the experience for your patients as well as customize the presentation style
of the questions.

Starting with the yes/no questions, you start with a list of question types……personal,
noun identification, verb identification, etc. You can select from one to all of the

A question is then presented either visually and/or verbally. You can also turn down the
sound if you’re working on reading comprehension or if you prefer to just ask the
question yourself. After the question has been answered, the question and answer are
repeated back to the patient.

You have the option to set the number of questions or you can just discontinue if you
need to stop. The app will then provide the percentage correct with the score (i.e. 5/10).
You can touch the button to email the results to yourself, should you need to do so.
The wh questions are just what is indicated. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
questions. Again, you can choose one area or up to all of the different question types.
You can also click on a button at the top of the screen with the conversation bubble to
take away the written answers and let your patient come up with their own answer. You
then have buttons at the bottom of the screen to indicate correct, incorrect or close.
Again this will tally the score for you so that when you stop the questions, you will have
the score and percent accuracy.

I love this part of the app. I can use this in assessing patients. I can use this in place of
the books. You know those big, spiral-bound books we used to carry around to give us
samples of questions or to copy and have our patients complete the worksheets. I can
give then patient cues or take them away. I don’t even have to really set the iPad in
front of the patient as I can simply ask the patient the question and then touch the
correct, incorrect or almost button to indicate accuracy.

When my patient is ready to practice asking questions, I simply touch the home button
at the top of the screen to switch to the Asking TherAppy app. Again, I can add a user
or use the guest function. I do have to add a user to each of the apps. The user
doesn’t transfer between Asking and Answering TherAppy. I can have the patient practice asking four different question types: Investigate, Yes/No Questions, WH Questions, or use the Question Spinner.
Investigate prompts my patient to ask wh questions. They are given a statement and
have the option for four different question types. They can select who, what, when,
where or why. If the patient wants to ask a what question, they touch the button that
says what, and there is a verbal prompt for the what question “What did they run from?”
with the answer provided both verbally and visually. They then go through all the
question types to practice answering. You again can mute your iPad to have the patient
do the asking without verbal prompts.

You can have your patient practice yes/no questions. They are prompted with a
statement, “You want………… you would ask”. The patient then selects 3 parts of the
question through a dial-like selector. You can change that by touching the box at the top
with the squiggly lines to 4 written questions and they touch the correct question or
touch the conversation bubble at the top to let your patient ask their own question and
you touch the box regarding their accuracy. At the bottom, you can then touch a box
that states “reveal the question” to show your patient the correct question they should
have or did ask.

Wh questions allows you to choose who, what, when, where and why questions. Your
patient is given a partial statement. The patient is prompted to ask questions regarding
who, what, when, where and why. You can touch the squiggly line box at the top to
have just the questions, touch the box with three vertical lines to have the dials so that
the patient can build their sentence in three sections or touch the conversation bubble
so that the patient can create their own sentence and you judge the accuracy of what
they are asking.

The Question Spinner allows for yes/no or wh questions. You can choose either option
or both. Your patient touches the button at the bottom of the page that says “spin” to
spin the wheel. They then ask a question using the 3 words they see. You use the
check, almost or x at the top of the page to judge accuracy.

As with the Answering TherAppy app, all results are calculated for you and provided
when you end the session or come to the end of the question limit. This can be written
by you or emailed to yourself.

I really like this app, both sections. It allows me to be very flexible in the cues provided,
allows me to use both visual and/or verbal cues, plus I have the option to take the visual
cues away (without having to simply put a Post-It note over the written word). Tactus
Therapy continues to be a leader in adult-based therapy apps with a great carry-over as
this app would work well with students that are able to read!

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