Yoga and Dysphagia: The Missing Link?

I recently took a course on about Yoga and Learning by Christina Ristuccia.  It was directed towards more Speech Therapy type activities, but it seemed like a good topic to discuss with our Dysphagia patients.  Of course I immediately started thinking about all my patients with dysphagia.

Not that we’re going to attempt to have people doing a Downward Dog pose and drinking water.

I’m also not thinking that your entire therapy session would be a yoga session.  Try billing insurance for that when you have a patient with a dysphagia diagnosis!

Yoga can be used in other ways.  Similar to the ways that we use Myofascial Release in our therapy.  A few minutes here and there to get the maximum benefit during the session.

Yoga can be either relaxing or energizing.



Yoga can help with breath support and help to activate the vocal folds when you pair sounds with the movement.


Yoga can also help to increase a patient’s posture with increased head and neck posture.



This may be a great way to start your session.


What do you think?

**Update!  If you attended the ASHA convention there was a poster session looking at Yoga and Voice Therapy.  It was great to see as so many of our treatments for voicing often reflect a change in the swallow system.  If you are a member of ASHA, you should be able to access any handouts from the 2014 ASHA Convention.

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