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Some Days

Warning…….This may not be an entirely professional post.

Many of you know that I have switched to a school system as my primary employment.  I continue to work at the hospital, but needed a little change.  We have had a remarkable number of snow days this year and to make up 2 of those days, our school decided to tack an hour on to each school day for 12 days.  If you have never worked with kindergarten through third grade, that is like working a 12 to 16 hour day.

So after 2 weeks of off and on illness with my 4 year old, including long nights, some involving vomit I open my email to find a wonderful comment on one of my very old posts.  (I wish there was a sarcastic font for wonderful).

Professionally, I have often wondered what direction I need to pursue my career.  I’ve often considered a doctorate.  I love teaching.  I have been presenting professionally for some time now and love it, it’s just not the right choice for my family at this time.

When I present, I have always had to realize that not every person in the audience will love my presentation.  I have received constructive criticism, which I welcome whole-heartedly and some downright mean comments.  There are also comments on factors which are beyond my control.   I have to be a professional and take those with a grain of salt, saying thank you or I’m sorry you feel that way, when sometimes I want to say, didn’t you read the freaking brochure?!?!?!

I had another SLP accuse me recently of plagiarizing her website, when I had never been on her website.  After examining her website to see where the accusation of plagiarism arose, I realized it was not a site I will visit in the future either.  The most irritating fact is when I asked about this accusation and where it was believe I “stole” information, I received no reply.  Seems like an attempt to get more hits on a website to me.

Anyway, back to this email.  I am extremely proud of this blog.  It started as something that I thought would be fun and a way to share information with some people.  It became bigger than I thought it would ever become!

A while back, I posted an article from a friend and fellow SLP about acupuncture and dysphagia.

Today, I get this comment:

Your a typical College book worm with no forsite on anything but scientific proof. I ve had dysphagia for a few years now to where I was hospitalized every other month. After starting accupuncture ONE I repeat for your puniy little mind One hospital stay in a year. Don’t be so closed minded with your sheep skin degree! Thats all is it is sheep skin. I have a Masters pursuing a Doctorate 

Spam?  Maybe.  Who knows.  It still got to me.  It was from an “anonymous” person.  If you’re going to use poor grammar and misspell half the words while insulting me, please at least be a strong enough person to post your name.

I have no “forsite” on anything but scientific proof.  I hate to tell you but my profession is based on ethics and evidence based practice.  We have to be able to prove that something works.  As a professional, I cannot treat a patient using something that has no basis.  I need to have proof that what I do with my patient will work.  I do know from my scientific proof that dysphagia often involves weak musculature.  I have yet to hear that sticking needles in a person will increase the strength of the swallowing musculature.

My “sheep skin degree” has actually taken me far in life.  That is one piece of sheep skin that I am proud to have worked for and earned.   It seems that we both have the same degree.  Hmmmmmm……..

While it’s nice to hear that this technique has possibly worked for ONE person, I stand by my original post that until there is solid proof, I will neither endorse nor promote acupuncture for dysphagia.

While this is a post I actually would normally not post, but instead email the person, I find it difficult to email an anonymous person.

Any and all posts that attack me personally will no longer be tolerated nor acknowledged.  My “puniy” mind is done for the night.

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  1. Hi! I have a blog too (Chapel Hill Snippets). I get all kinds of odd comments and spam, which I delete. You have an excellent blog, and are a valuable resource. Keep it up! Thank you so much for all you do.

    March 15, 2014

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