Stand Up for Ethical Treatment

This is re-posted with permission from Gray Matter Therapy:
Join us on October 2, 2014 for an event organized by American Association of Rehabilitation Therapists (Janet Mahoney, PT) and Gray Matter Therapy (Rachel Wynn, SLP). Therapists across the country and of all disciplines will stand together to advocate for our patients and our professions. We will politely but firmly put patients first.
This might look different for everyone – educating colleagues and your company, providing care in a patient-centered manner versus profit-centered system, calling your company’s compliance hotline, reporting via the False Claims Act, or calling the Medicare fraud hotline – but for everyone the goal is the same. We need to act together if we are to affect bottom-up change.

Risk of civil resistance

Is there risk in acting together? Yes. But what is the risk if we don’t act?
Civil resistance works for countries. In fact, only 3.5% of people need to act in order to affect change. If it can work for countries, it can work for healthcare.

Request a FREE media kit

Media kits contain the following
  • Poster
  • Lapel buttons
  • Wrist bands
  • T-shirt
  • Supporting documentation
Contact Janet Mahoney with American Association of Rehabilitation Therapists to request media kits. Message her on Facebook or email Janet. This is a grassroots movement, without external funding. Please be conservative with your media kits request. Submit requests prior to September 15th. Digital packets will be available also.

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