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Slo Drinks

I was excited to have recently discovered a new thickener company called Slo Drinks.  You may ask how I discovered this company since they’re based out of the UK.  I found them on Twitter.

The company has been great to work with and were more than willing to send me samples.  Twice.

After some delays, I received both sample packages!

Slo Drinks is a xantham based thickener, which comes in packets specified for specific drinks including soda, tea, wine, coffee, juice and beer.  The packets also have a number 1 or 2, indicating the consistency.  1 is syrup consistency (nectar) and 2 is custard consistency (honey).

Slo Drinks come with a sheet of information that says:

“Slo Drinks flow slowly so they are safer to swallow.  To make Slo Drinks, we deposit individual sachets with doses of our thickeners which dissolve quickly and are tasteless.

Our thickener works with alcoholic drinks and only requires mixing with the specified amount of fluid to reach the prescribed consistency Stage 1:  Syrup, 2:  Custard and make it flow slowly enough for the drinker to cope with.

As a result, you simply add the contents of the relevant sachet into a glass, add a favorite drink and change it into Slo Wine, Slo Cider, Slo Lager, Slo Beer, Slo Bubbly or Slo Mixer.

They will taste the same as ordinary glasses of wine, cider etc., but flow slowly.”

I wanted to try these for myself.

The only difficulty I had was the packages are made to add to ml of the fluid.  There was no easy conversion to cups (that I found), so I converted as close as possible!

First up was the Lager.  I stole one of my husband’s Samual Adams and mixed away.  I put the Slo Lager in the glass, then added the Sam Adams and stirred.

The lager fizzed quite a bit, not the volcanic explosion of soda with corn starch based thickener.  The fizzy went away after a few minutes.  The lager then had to sit for 5 minutes.

It was definitely thick.  It was smooth however and maintained most of the flavor and some of the fizz.  I’m not a beer or lager fan, so I actually found the taste to be disgusting both before and after thickening!

It was the time for juice.  I had orange juice in the house, so that’s what I used.  This packet is nectar consistency.

I had to stir a little more vigorously with the juice.  It was definitely not as thick as the lager.

I left both drinks sitting out for quite a while and the consistency never changed.

Then it was time for wine and tea.

I mixed both in a mixer bottle this time.  I added the liquid and then added the thickener and shook both.

After sitting for 5 minutes per instructions:

Both were thick, honey consistency, but both maintained flavor.  The consistency was smooth as most of the xantham gum based thickeners I have used.  Both maybe lost a little bite, but not much.

I also tried the soda.  I used Sprite and did the same as with the tea and wine.  I added Sprite to the shaker bottle, then added the thickener.  (There was no volcanic eruption!)  I shook the Sprite.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures!!

I waited the 5 minutes and tasted the Sprite.  It maintained flavor, but really had no fizz.  Again, the liquid did maintain it’s consistency over time, even several hours later.

While I’m not a fan of the consistency of thickened liquids, the flavor of Slo Drinks was definitely one of the best that I have tried.  They are worth looking into!!

You can follow Slo Drinks on Twitter and find them on Facebook!!


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