Dysphagia By Lingraphica App Review

App:  SmallTalk Dysphagia

What it is:  An app that can be used as an AAC device so that the patient can communicate about their swallowing difficulty.

Price:  Free

System:  iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

Version:  3.1

SmallTalk Dysphagia is an app designed for patients to use to communicate about their swallowing disorder.
 Vertical View
SmallTalk Dysphagia offers a variety of pre-recorded phrases that relate to a patient’s swallowing difficulty.
Horizontal View
The app also offers 4 videos that will first tell the technique required to swallow and then show a video demonstrating the technique.  You find this at the main menu by selecting Videos rather than Icons.  The videos are available for the Mendelsohn, the Supraglottic Swallow, the Super-Supraglottic Swallow and the Effortful Swallow.  The videos can not only be used as a reminder of how to complete each exercise, but can serve as an instructional video for care-givers and other professionals as well.

It’s a nice app and can serve a great purpose, however it cannot be personalized to a specific patient.  The patient would have to scroll through every phrase available to find the phrase they need.

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