Smart Oral Motor App Review

App:  Smart Oral Motor

What it is:  An app that for pediatric oral motor exercises.

Price:  $5.99

System:  iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

Version:  1.0

Smart Oral Motor is an oral motor app by Smarty Ears.
Smart Oral Motor uses the Smarty Ears mascot “Clever” to demonstrate oral motor exercises.
There is a list of 12 exercises from which to choose.
Clever will then show the child how to complete the exercise.  For each time the child completes the exercise, they earn a star.
When the child is done, they receive applause for their hard work.
I think Clever is adorable, however, there are times that I would love to skip through the intro.  I’m not much of an oral motor therapist, but do like the app when I need to do an oral motor exam on a child that just does not want to participate.  They love imitating Clever and find the app to be rather engaging.
This can actually be a very fun app!

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