Chia Seeds

In an effort to become healthier and to decrease the use of thickeners for liquids, many are turning to more natural thickening agents.

I have seen recommendations for using chia seeds to thicken drinks. 

This article may cause you to reconsider that recommendation or at least give you some food for thought.

What are your thoughts on thickened liquids and what do you use as alternatives for thickeners?

4 thoughts on “Chia Seeds

  1. Diet texture modifications, such as use of thickeners, are considered to be “compensatory strategy techniques” in the SLP’s toolbox. In my opinion, every effort should be used to rehabilitate (to bring back to “original state”) muscle group deficits!!

    • I agree that every effort should be made to rehabilitate. I use thicker foods/drinks in therapy for rehabilitation. This is merely an article I found warning of the potential dangers of using chia seeds as I have heard of SLPs using them to thicken beverages. Thank you for your input!

  2. Glen S. says:

    The article sited tells about someone swallowing a tablespoon of dry chia seeds followed by a glass of water. That is not the same as someone using chia as a thickener. The way to use chia seeds as a thickener is to use them in a powdered form the same way other thickeners are used and stir them into the liquid, and letting it thicken, before drinking. I would think chia a much healthier alternative than modified corn starch.

  3. Betsy Herrmann says:

    I would like to find natural and healthy ways to thicken liquids. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you.

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