The Dysphagia Game

Maybe you’ve heard of The Dysphagia Game. Maybe you’ve played it?

dysphagia game 2

The Dysphagia Game is an online game and a board game that’s similar to Chutes and Ladders. It’s a game that can be used to educate patients, clients, families and colleagues.

                            dysphagia game 1

Do you know what’s great? The Dysphagia Game US version will be released soon!

Check out the online version at Dysphagia Game.

dysphagia game 3

2 thoughts on “The Dysphagia Game

  1. I checked this out a while back on recommendation of Jonathan Waller at Dysphagia Café. I am anxiously awaiting release the US version! Want to use it for a couple of inservice requests I have pending. 🙂

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