Course Alert-Dysphagia Practice-Moving Toward More Comprehensive Treatment Protocols

Dysphagia Practice:  Moving Toward More Comprehensive Treatment Protocols


This course if available from Northern Speech Services.  The course description includes:

This clinically focused course brings together six master clinicians to discuss evidence-based interventions that can contribute to a more comprehensive intervention approach when working with persons with dysphagia. These additional interventions will include the benefits of electrical stimulation, effects of lung volume and subglottic air pressure on swallow function, appropriate use of water protocols, strategies to successfully manage persons with dementia, and counseling techniques to address negative emotions and attitudes that block successful treatment outcomes. Offered for 1.2 CEUs – 12 contact hours. Topics and presenters include:

  • When Exercise Programs Are Appropriate for Persons with Dysphagia: Diagnostic Groups Examined Cathy Lazarus
  • Using Maneuvers and Positioning Strategies in the Current Healthcare Environment: Who Can Benefit? And Which Patients Benefit from Sensory Therapy? Cathy Lazarus 
  • Electrical Stimulation: Finally, Something Good To Say About Using It! Ianessa Humbert
  • Rational Emotive Therapy Techniques To Address Psychological Barriers To Successful Swallowing Therapy: Patient Disappointment and Depression Related to Changes in Swallowing Behavior Robert Arnold 
  • Special Considerations for Persons with Cognitive Loss: Memory Strategies and Environmental Adaptations Jennifer Brush 
  • Water Protocols: Rationale and Patient Selection Criteria Kathy Panther 
  • Esophageal Conditions Relevant To Dysphagia Practice Robert Arnold
  • Interventions for Respiratory Disorders: Effects of Lung Volume and Subglottic Air Pressure on Swallow Function, Including Clients with COPD and Trachs/Vents Roxann Diez Gross 

Content Disclosure: The content of this online CE course does not focus exclusively on any specific proprietary product or service. Presenter financial and non-financial disclosures may be found by clicking on the Presenter & Disclosures tab.

Course Format: Audio course with downloadable handout that follows along with the lecture (can be listened to online or downloaded as mp3 files).  Supplementary videos are also provided when prompted throughout this e-course.  Audio recorded in front of a live audience in October 2011. 
I really think this will be my next course.
This course is offered as a Webinar for $149.

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