What’s Important


We all have those days no matter which setting we work, which population we serve or what our area of specialty may be.

The CNA tells you that speech isn’t really a therapy, they need to talk to a real therapist, like a physical therapist.

Physical or Occupational Therapy gets the majority of minutes because of billing issues.

The doctor tells you no on a request for a patient that REALLY needs speech services.

The teacher becomes upset and tells you the time that you both agreed on for the students, that you scheduled EVERYONE else around, no longer works with their schedule.

The days you question your choice of profession and wonder what else you might be good at doing…..

Always remember, we don’t do it for the people that made our day not so great.  We do it for the patients, students, families, caregivers that need our support.  That is what matters at the end of the day.

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