Swallow Strong Device

Swallow Strong

Have you seen the Swallow Strong device yet?  If you haven’t, you’re definitely missing out.

Much like the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument  (IOPI), the Swallow Strong was developed to not only measure lingual strength, but to use visual feedback for treatment.

The Swallow Strong, formerly called the MOST (Madison Oral Strength Trainer) was used in the research for IPRO (Isometric Progressive Resistive Oropharyngeal therapy).

Where the IOPI uses a tongue bulb to measure strength and use resistance, the Swallow Strong uses a mouthpiece that fits in the palate with five sensors (anterior, medial, poster and 2 lateral) to work the different parts of the tongue.

Swallow Strong Mouthpiece

The Swallow Strong also uses a tablet to record data, set limits and provide visual feedback during lingual exercises and during assessment of lingual strength.

What’s the big deal about the Swallow Strong?  It just won an award for “Most Innovative” by LINK LTC, a Long-Term Care organization.

Make sure to check out the award winning Swallow Strong!  It’s definitely worth a look!

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