New and Exciting!!

Expect some new and exciting things from Dysphagia Ramblings!!!

I have been playing around with the blog over the last year to see what everyone wants and what they don’t!  It seems that EVERYONE loves the research!!!

Over the next few months and this is absolutely a work in progress, Dysphagia Ramblings will begin adding some exciting research links.

Don’t forget the 5 year Blogiversary!!!  Follow the blog, Facebook page and Twitter account for some exciting prize give-aways!!

Also, follow my blog and Twitter account (@dysphagiarmblng) for live-tweeting/blogging from Dr. Humbert’s upcoming live course!!  If you are interested in learning about Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management but can’t make it to Baltimore in 2 weeks for the live course, watch my Twitter feed for live Tweets and summary of the course each night on this blog!!

Thanks to Dr. Humbert for this amazing experience and for letting me live-blog the course!!

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