ASHA 2015 and Blog Give-Aways Just Around the Corner!

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It’s that time of the year, the leaves are turning and falling, it’s still dark when my alarm goes off and my phone is reminding me that my flight to Denver is in 20 days!!!  

Every year is the same anticipation.  Social media starts flaring up with talk of the upcoming ASHA convention and I start counting down the days until I see my friends again.  This year is no exception!!

What is different for me this year though is my Blogiversary.  Five years ago, during the ASHA convention, I started blogging and became active on social media.  I have made so many new friends since that time!!  

In honor of FIVE years of blogging I’m having some amazing give-aways!!!  I am extremely humbled and honored by the generosity of donations for this give-away!!!  Keep watching for more details coming in the next week on the specifics of the give-away!!  Some of the items:

  • ISO-SED Device
  • TheraSip Goodies
  • Northern Speech Services Goodies
  • Internal Branch Superior Laryngeal Nerve course from Dr. Blicker at CEU Allied Health
  • $100 voucher for a live course from CIAO Seminars
  • Free codes for a new, exciting dysphagia app
  • Free code for Dysphagia2Go
  • EMST 150
  • More in the works!!

ASHA week will be a busy and FULL week with friends, colleagues, sessions, exhibits and give-aways, not to mention blogging!!!  As always, I will be live-tweeting courses I attend.  

What courses will I be attending this year?

Wednesday Night will be the Meet the Master’s Program:  Radiological Procedures, Evaluating the Upper and Lower Digestive Systems from Infancy to Senescence.

Thursday’s Lineup:

  • #1040 What’s Wrong with My Patient? Esophageal Disorders and the Effects of Human Aging on Swallowing-James Coyle
  • #1125 Best Practices in Head and Neck Cancer:  Implementing Speech Pathology Pathways in the Multidisciplinary Team-Messing, Hutcheson, Blair
  • #1177 Dysphagia Therapy:  Are There Guidelines in Prescribing Exercise-Based Treatments?-Ruzicka and Doyle
  • #1214 Skill vs. Strength Training in the Management of Dysphagia:  The Great Debate-McCoy, Humbert, Plowman

Friday’s Lineup:

  • #1341 Neuroplasticity & Dysphagia Rehabilitation:  How to Connect the Dots-Martin and Malandraki
  • #1382 Intervention Planning for Dysphagia Based on Objective Studies and Reports:  Translating Results into Practice-Salmon and Maharay
  • #1473 Can We Use “Compensatory Strategies” to Challenge Swallowing Impairments?-Humbert, Vose, Sunday
  • #1519 Gauging the Aging Swallowing:  Clinical Considerations for the Speech-Language Patholgoist-Rinki and Yvette
  • #5639 Comparing Swallowing Efficiency by Gender, Bolus Consistency and Task-Palmer, Bolognone, Harrington, Graville


  • #1641 Rehabilitative Training Using Exercise: Blending Muscle Conditioning and Motor Learning Aspects into Therapy-Carnaby, Ruddy, Crary
  • #1688 Strengthening Swallowing and/or Dysphagia Intervention:  Three Mythbusters!-Robbins, Rogus-Pulia, Rusche
  • #1782 Complex Dysphagia Cases in the Adult Acute Care Setting-Kizner, Deane, Kutch
  • #1828 Efficacy of Adjunctive Modalities in Dysphagia Treatment-Lazaras, Troche, Langmore

Now it’s time to make my packing list!  

  • Comfy clothes (I’m not presenting and have no intention of dressing up!  Long sessions and much learning calls for comfort!)
  • Comfy shoes (There’s A LOT of walking!)
  • Light bag (To carry my iPad and chargers.  Nothing heavy because it is a long day!)
  • Hygiene supplies (Shampoo, soap, the works.  Don’t forget the deodorant…..long days!!)
  • Sweater or light jacket (Some rooms are hot and some rooms are cold.)
  • My list of sessions.  (There is nothing worse than arriving at the conference and having no clue where to go.  There are computers to  create and print your agenda, however they can be very crowded.)
  • Portable charger (I use a New Trent which will charge my phone and iPad fully at least once if not more.)
  • Power strip or multi USB charger.  (Let’s face it, hotels often don’t have enough outlets for all your electronics and if you have a roommate or 3, you will definitely need the extra charging space.  
  • A small first-aid kit.  (You never know when a headache will come on or you need a band aid for blisters from SO MUCH walking!)
  • An open mind.  (There are so many sessions to attend and so much information to learn!!  Be ready to learn, not only in your sessions but in the exhibit hall.)
  • Pajamas (There is very little time to sleep, however it’s nice to be comfy during those brief periods of rest!)

I hope to see you in Denver!

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