ASHA 2016

Where did the time go?   I can’t even believe that next week is the ASHA convention!  After a long week it is time to start packing because if you’re like me packing early is a must!!!

Now it’s time to make my packing list!  

Comfy clothes (I’m not presenting and have no intention of dressing up! Long sessions and much learning calls for comfort!)
Comfy shoes (There’s A LOT of walking!)

Light bag (To carry my iPad and chargers. Nothing heavy because it is a long day and did I mention a lot of walking?)

Hygiene supplies (Shampoo, soap, the works. Don’t forget the deodorant…..long days, miles of walking!!)

Sweater or light jacket (Some rooms are hot and some rooms are cold.)

My list of sessions. (There is nothing worse than arriving at the conference and having no clue where to go. There are computers to create and print your agenda, however they can be very crowded.). I also try to double-book sessions in case one might be full or let’s face it, I just might change my mind.

Portable charger (I use a New Trent which will charge my phone and iPad fully at least once if not more.  I always go for a charger with a high mA output.)

Power strip or multi USB charger. (Let’s face it, hotels often don’t have enough outlets for all your electronics and if you have a roommate or 3, you will definitely need the extra charging space.  

A small first-aid kit. (You never know when a headache will come on or you need a band aid for blisters from SO MUCH walking!)

An open mind. (There are so many sessions to attend and so much information to learn!! Be ready to learn, not only in your sessions but in the exhibit hall.)

Pajamas (There is very little time to sleep, however it’s nice to be comfy during those brief periods of rest.)

Be prepared to learn, have fun, meet new friends, visit with old friends and enjoy the atmosphere!
Follow @dysphagiarmblng for live tweeting of ASHA 16 dysphagia sessions!

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