Quality education can be hard to find. Not all continuing education is evidenced-based or even good quality.

So how do you know which company to choose? To meet ASHA guidelines all continuing education is supposed to be peer-reviewed by Speech Language Pathologists with experience in the area being taught.

Remember that just because a course is offered for ASHA see use does not mean that it is endorsed by ASHA.   ASHA does provide requirements for CE providers which can be found here.

There are a handful of companies that I trust for my continuing education one of those being MedBridge. MedBridge is a subscription service or pay by course. They offer peer reviewed continuing education courses top by leading experts and ASHA Fellows in the field.

MedBridge courses are offered online making learning convenient and easy in the comfort of your own home.  MedBridge also offers their courses on mobile devices making it easy to take your learning on the go.  (I work in home health and often have long drives.)  Listening to a course on the go is easy with MedBridge.

When considering what to look for and avoid in continuing education, MedBridge hits the mark with quality courses.

I’ve had the pleasure to take several great and well taught evidence based courses including:

Stopping Falls: Evaluation of Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Introduction to Critical Care for Speech Language Pathologists

Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Other Legal Considerations

Attacking the Literature: From Journal to Bedside

Pharmocology for Geriatric Patients 

Interested in checking out MedBridge for yourself?  Use the code  DysphagiaRamblings        to sign up!  (You can click on the link for a discounted rate!)

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