A Week As A Home Health SLP Part 5


I made it through another week to Friday!  So, even though this post comes out on Monday, I’m celebrating!  Unfortunately, some Fridays end up being my longest days!

Let’s jump right into this.  After this post, I will definitely plan another post discussing my pros and cons of home health work.

My Friday starts a bit early.  Well, 9:00, but I am definitely not a morning person.  Apparently none of my patients are either because even getting them at 9:00 is like asking them to do something illegal.

My day starts with a discharge.  I have a patient that I picked up because nursing noted some difficulty with swallowing and with dysarthria.  This patient has picked up very quickly on ways to increase intelligibility and no longer requires speech therapy services.

My next patient is about an hour away.  This is the same person I saw Wednesday after our meeting.  This patient is 2x per week and we are working on aphasia.  For some reason, this patient can say a multitude of phrases and sentences if they contain curse words.  Otherwise, she requires multiple cues.  We work on naming pictures and writing because she has had some recent success with writing which keeps her motivated.

My next patient is another aphasic patient.  This patient is about 7 minutes away but also has a flea/cockroach infestation in the home.  When I arrive, I knock on the door but am requested to cancel as this patient is not feeling well.  I write a missed visit note and put in a missed visit for the mileage reimbursement.

My next patient is another 7 minutes away.  I arrive at the home and we sit down and take vitals.  This patient has a trach with a passy-muir valve, which has been in place for several years.  We are working on memory following a car accident.  We have been working on using the person’s cell phone for memory, such as using the calendar and the reminder app on the iPhone to help aid in memory as a written journal, notebook will not be effective for this patient.

My next 3 patients cancel.  One just doesn’t feel up to therapy, one has the flu and one has recently completed radiation and chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer and has a new onset upper respiratory failure.  I put in all my missed visit notes because I have tried to see all patients scheduled, put in my time for the day and head back home.  I will get paid for and hour and 10 minutes of my hour and a half drive home.

Time to reboot (ok, run my kids all over the place) over the weekend and prepare for another week!

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