Wrapping Up 2017

I always like to reflect on my year and all of my accomplishments (or all those tasks I have to carry over from my to-do list.  I also like to challenge myself for the next year and this year, I will challenge all of you as well!

A new year means new beginnings.  Everyone always jokes about how the current year has beaten them down and they’re hoping for better times in the new year.

  1.  Don’t let the new year lead you.  Grab it by the throat and own it!  There are so many new adventures in this new year, don’t be afraid to get to it!   Many people do the #onelittleword hashtag for the new year.   My #onelittleword for 2018 is #adventure as I adventure out into the world of private practice.
  2. If you’ve been doing therapy the same way for the past 20 years, maybe it’s time for a change.  When you think you know everything about dysphagia is when you need to brush up.  There have been so many changes and new findings.  Read some journal articles, start a journal club or join one if there is one in your area.  Keep updated on the latest in swallowing management and treatment.
  3. Stop taking continuing education courses because they’re free or convenient.  Find something that is worth the money.  That may be your state convention or the ASHA convention (in Boston in 2018).  If you want quality, you will have to pay.  It takes many, many hours to put together quality continuing education.  Some courses that I really enjoyed from 2017 or even developed are:

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in 2018!  Make this your year to do the best you can for your patients.

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