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Be the Change



Let’s face it, we’re not all leaders. Some of us are happy going to our jobs and just done at the end of the shift. Many of us tend to get on social media and complain about issues that we feel are out of our control.

The problem is that just voicing our concerns on social media does not solve the problems. We have to look beyond ASHA and our boss to make these changes.  Now don’t get me wrong, ASHA, management, your state association can be a great start.

You might be asking what are some of these gripes and complaints. Productivity is the big one. We are often asked to work billable time for the majority of our day not allowing us any break for consultation or paperwork that is required of us.  How many of us go in to work,  clock out to maintain our productivity while completing paperwork, making phone calls or some of the necessary but not billable time possible while maintaining 90% productivity or more.   Maybe the reason the productivity expectations exist and the reason that it keeps getting higher is because people are actually meeting these standards. When we give 100% the next expectation will be 110%.

So maybe we can sit and stew about the fact that I’m working on my own time or maybe I can join my state association or ASHA and help bring about change to that productivity.

Another frequent complaint is the lack of instrumental assessment.  Some facilities will not allow instrumental assessment,  however have you presented the cost associated with an pneumonia or with any re-hospitalization compared to the cost of an instrumental assessment?  How can you possibly build an accurate plan of care for your patient when you can’t assess your patient?

When we actually think outside the box that’s when we can get things done.

Continue to educated yourself.  Stop being so complacent with your job.  Stop using non-evidenced based practice and the same oral motor exercises that have been used for 25 years.  Keep up with new practices.  Be a champion and advocate for yourself and for the profession you hopefully love.

When you start standing up for yourself and demonstrating efficiency and competence in your job is when we can show other medical professionals the value in the Speech Language Pathologist in the area of dysphagia.

Stop just posting to gripe on social media and make a change!!

3 thoughts on “Be the Change

  1. Thank you for sharing. I agree with your sentiments and ideas. I recently found a home health agency that will not allow you to chart off the clock and gives over time as much as you need. It is also the first company that I’ve worked for that has units of Vital Stim to take into the home. The use of e-stim was championed by an SLP that knew what he how to approach management. The OT requested by the collective group of STs on board shows management that we really need time to read charts, speak with Care Team members and document appropriately. It shows management we are not wasting their money or slow. The time is necessary. Thank you to the company that listened and for the SLPs that stood strong together.

  2. YES!! I’m so grateful that social media has taken me off of my “SLP Island” and connected me with amazing opportunities but OY with the complaining already!

    You can’t complain you don’t get things if you don’t ask for it. And when you ask for it, take yourself seriously! Do the groundwork and make it count.

  3. 100% agree with this article- thank you for stating things so eloquently.

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