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What’s In A Name

Seriously, how many names can we have for one test?

We typically do the same thing…..assess swallowing function, so why a million different names?

In the early days, the swallowing assessment using x-ray was called a Cookie Swallow Test.

You can read more about the history of the MBSS:

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The same test is more recently called:

  • Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS)
  • Modified Barium Study (MBS)
  • Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study (VFSS)
  • Swallow Study
  • Rehab Swallow Study

No matter what it is called, the procedure should be the same.  A variety of consistencies will be presented with an SLP assessing the swallow.  Compensatory strategies may be trialed (more to come soon), various presentation methods may be trialed, sensory techniques may be trialed.

No matter what the name, the SLP will be assessing the physiology of the swallow so that an accurate treatment plan can be developed.

What other names have you heard that X-Ray swallow study called?

5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

  1. Oral pharyngeal motility study (OPMS), which was great because it never got confused with the esophagram. This still happens a few times a year at our location and causes a lot of mix ups.

    1. Oh!! I’ve never heard that one! There are constantly mix-ups. Especially for me, all the doctors and nurses think the bedside and the MBSS are the same.

  2. I worked at a hospital that called it an OPV (oral-pharyngeal video).

    1. It’s amazing when you hear so many names already and then hear even more you’ve never heard before!

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