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*This post is sponsored by SimplyThick.   Although SimplyThick has paid for this post, I am a huge fan of SimplyThick when liquids need to be thickened!  You can visit the SimplyThick Dysphagia Ramblings page here to request free samples.*

SimplyThick (you know, the gel thickener) was founded back in 2001 by John Holahan.   SimplyThick was founded when a prototype was created using a liquid xanthan gum thickener.   This was a ground-breaking alternative to the starch thickeners that were widely used at the time.  You can read more about SimplyThick in John’s own words!

If you have attended the ASHA convention, you might remember their table (the one with the wine fountain!)

SimplyThick Gel Thickener

Over the years, SimplyThick has been found in numerous facilities, hospitals and homes for people that require their liquids to be thickened.   SimplyThick has been a preferred alternative to the starch based thickeners for years, as SimplyThick has always created a smooth texture and does not affect the flavor of the drink as much as the traditional starch-based thickeners.  In fact, I wrote a previous post about how the various thickeners matched up at the time with SimplyThick as the clear winner!

SimplyThick has simply revolutionized the world of thickeners as most thickener companies have now switched to xanthan gum based products.   There is still only one SimplyThick.

What are some of the benefits of SimplyThick?

  • The thickness is not broken down by saliva.
  • There are no lumps.
  • There is no separation between the liquid and the thickener.
  • It won’t continue to thicken as it sits.

SimplyThick has been largely behind the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) and was the first company to offer packages of thickener with the new IDDSI terminology.   SimplyThick is a platinum sponsor for IDDSI.  

You may or may not have heard that SimplyThick has a NEW product!!  

There are packets available for Mildly Thick Liquids (Nectar Thick) and Moderately Thick Liquids (Honey Thick).   NOW there are packets available for Slightly Thick Liquids, a thickness that is between regular liquids and Mildly Thick Liquids.   

You might ask, what is so great about SimplyThick?   Well, let me tell you.  


  1. The single use packets are AMAZING.   Patients love having the ability to grab a few packets to take with them on the go!  There are also large pump bottles available for use in a facility or in the home.
  2. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!  Let me tell you a story about my SimplyThick rep Eileen.  She is amazing!!  She goes above and beyond the thickener.   When I was giving a presentation and wanting to use SimplyThick to teach about IDDSI and thickening, she sent me samples to use.   And by samples, I mean large boxes of supplies to make my presentation go so smooth.   She was also the person that sent flowers to the funeral home when my grandma (I called her Nonie) passed away.   Although Eileen is the person I’ve had the pleasure to interact with the most, every single person in the company has been absolutely first class.
  3. Did you know that SimplyThick donates to the Dysphagia Outreach Project?  I’m talking thousands upon thousands of samples!

SimplyThick does so much for people with dysphagia and the professionals that assess and treat people with dysphagia every day!

Want to find out more about SimplyThick Level 1 packets??  Check it out here.   (You can even request samples!) 


You can also listen to more about SimplyThick from John himself on the Swallow Your Pride Podcast!  (Click the picture for the link!)

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