About Me


My name is Tiffani Wallace.  I live in Indiana with my husband and 2 children.  In my off-time from being a Speech Language Pathologist I am running to football, softball, wrestling, basketball games, baseball, singing lessons,  musicals and concerts!

I am a Dysphagia Specialist and hold my BCS-S (Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders). I am certified in MBSImP, VitalStim, LSVT LOUD and MDTP.  I love continuing education and stay current with new information and literature.

I am a co-author of the apps Dysphagia2Go from SmartyEars, Dysphagia Therapy by Tactus and iScreen Aphasia by SmartyEars.  I have several webinars available on Speech Pathology.com and Northern Speech Services.  I also created and administrate the Facebook group The Dysphagia Squad (formerly Dysphagia Therapy Professional Edition).

I am the co-author of the book The Adult Dysphagia Pocketguide:  Neuroanatomy to Clinical Practice.

I am a Home Health SLP with Great Lakes Caring and look forward to new experiences!  Everyday is a new day and I love learning from all the new people I meet!

I love to teach.  I love to have the opportunity to teach continuing education classes, students and whoever will listen to me ramble on about dysphagia!  I’m almost positive my kids know more about dysphagia than they do some of their school work!

~~~”Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time.” George Carlin