Why Won't They Do What I Say_

Training Other Professionals in Dysphagia

They Won't Follow My Recommendations So Let's Burn Them at the Stake!

The Swallow in Detail

The Patient

The Patient Exercising Their Right to Choose (Formally the Non-Compliant Patient)

The Dysphagia Buy-In_ Selling Your Services

The Dummies Guide to Dysphagia

Starting Somewhere

Put Yourself in Their Shoes
You need to understand the patient before you can treat the dysphagia.

Productivity and the SLP

Myths in Dysphagia        Coming Soon!

My Letter to Healthcare

My _Unproductive_ Day

It Takes a Good Therapist

I Just Can't Fix Them All

Dysphagia Awareness

Be the Change

Advocate for your patients and your profession.
Advocacy involves demanding what is right for you, your patients and your profession.

4 Things You May Not Know

3 Reasons You Should Never Fake It Till You Make It

What Would You Do

What is it that we do to patients when we label them as “aspiration risk”?
Top Continuing Education
What are your top continuing education courses?



5 Considerations for Continuing Education
What should you take into consideration when choosing courses for continuing education?