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Phagia Puree Mixes

As you may be able to see from previous posts, I am always up for a challenge.  From sampling pureed foods to thickened liquids, I like to find the best available product for my patients.

The ASHA Convention

At the ASHA convention this year, the Dysphagia Divas were back with some new pureed mixes.  I was able to get samples of each type to take home and try.

The Phagia Puree Mixes are supposed to be available at or by calling 1-855-397-7424.  I have been unable to find the Phagia products on the website.

The Product

There are 7 products available:  Pureed Bread (12 3 oz packets for $15.25), French Toast (12 3.5 oz packets for $18.50), Bread Pudding (12 3.5 oz packets for $18.50), Egg and Toast (6 5 oz packets for $15.25), Peanut Butter Sandwich (6 4.5 oz packets for $22.50), Caramel Apple Pie (6 3 oz packets for $24.50) and Phagia Pureed Food Enhancer (6 5.5 oz packets for $24.50).

All packets contain a powder that you mix with either hot or boiling water.  You mix the packet with the water, use a whisk to combine the water and powder mixture and then let it sit for a specific number of minutes.

The Results

The products were really actually fairly palatable.  The egg and toast did taste like eggs.  The french toast was good, even given the texture of the pureed.  The caramel apple pie was a good dessert and my very picky 9 year old daughter even gave it a thumbs up!  The peanut butter sandwich had a very good flavor, mostly of peanut butter.  I, personally, wasn’t a big fan of the bread, which had a strange, almost cardboard flavor to it or the bread pudding.

Overall, the food had good taste to it.  I think with food molds, it wouldn’t have been difficult to tell that it was pureed.

The Pictures