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So, you know all about MBSS, right? 

You’ve learned the MBSImP, you know all about consistencies, all about compensatory strategies.

What barium should you use?

We are often mixing the same barium used in other studies with food and liquid brought in from the kitchen.

At one point, there was a recipe available to make your own barium cookies.  You can also purchase these.

The thing is, when we use the same barium as used in the more in-depth esophageal tests they coat the structures.   That is what they were designed to do.   Sometimes that is all you can use because it’s all that’s available, but you have to remember there may be residue there, that wouldn’t normally be present.

The best option is to use Varibar, which was designed for the MBSS.  This is the same barium used in the MBSImP.

Not sure which compensatory strategies to use?  Read more by clicking on the picture!

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Maybe not sure about which consistencies you should trial?  Read more by clicking on the picture!

which consistencies do i trial


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