Welcome to Dysphagia Ramblings.   

Dysphagia Ramblings was created back in 2010, when I attended my first ASHA convention in Philadelphia.   I absolutely love learning about dysphagia.  I live in a small area and everyone around here is tired of me talking about dysphagia all the time.  (Haha!)  I created Dysphagia Ramblings as my outlet to share the information I learn.

Look for new blog posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!   There will be themes for each month, but that doesn’t mean a random post won’t slip in there from time to time.

Dysphagia Ramblings is meant to be a place where clinicians can go to find posts on assessment and treatment techniques, resources (coming soon), information on evidence-based practice and so much more!

Dysphagia Ramblings is meant to be for any clinician from a new clinician or student to the seasoned clinician looking to find new information or brush up on skills.

I will be updating this blog frequently, so keep watching for new information and changes to make this a better site for all!

Sit back and enjoy the ride!




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