The Instrumental Guide to Compensatory Strategies and Maneuvers

When completing instrumental assessments, the easiest way to change the swallow is to change the diet consistency. Dr. Jeri Logemann (1993) has suggested using compensatory strategies/maneuvers in the following order: Postural techniques Sensory techniques Maneuvers Diet changes Remember we can often change the swallow through sensory techniques.   Steele and Miller 2010 concluded:  "Boluses of liquids [...]

Compensatory Techniques

Compensatory Techniques

Compensatory techniques are used to alter the swallow, however compensations may not create a lasting effect to the swallow. Compensatory strategies may be short term or used more long-term, such as with patients with head and neck cancer. Compensatory strategies can be used to alter posture, timing of the swallow, laryngeal closure. While most compensatory [...]

To Tuck or Not to Tuck

The chin tuck.  I'm not talking about Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR), I'm talking about the compensatory strategy.  That strategy that we've taught so well that nurses, respiratory therapists and doctors all tell patients, if you're having trouble swallowing, just tuck your chin.  Somewhere down the road, we've made the chin tuck the end-all be-all [...]