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Measuring Outcomes for Success…..What are You Using?

The Dysphagia Toolbox

I have written about the Dysphagia Toolbox before.    The Dysphagia Toolbox used to be a website that offered links to standardized and reliable tools that you can use in dysphagia assessment and with reassessment.  




Why a toolbox?

The one thing I can’t help thinking is why we call it a toolbox.  Do most of you actually carry a toolbox full of your must-have dysphagia assessment/treatment equipment?  Mine is usually jammed in my lab coat pockets or on top of my clipboard, if I remember to even bring that with me!  Although I often imagine SLPs running around with a toolbox.   


Dysphagia Apron?

Maybe saying our dysphagia “apron” would be more appropriate??  Now, I have recently seen the SLP fanny pack, which may also be an option!




Anway, I digress…

 Outcome Measures

There are several outcome measures that are freely available for us to use for your Dysphagia Toolbox.  Outcomes should be taken at baseline, when therapy is initiated and can be used to show progress during reassessment and to show progress for discharge. 

There are questionnaires that the patient completes, indicating current symptoms when eating/drinking including:

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