Myths in Dysphagia

Maybe you've heard of the Dysphagia Therapy Group Professional Edition on Facebook.  Maybe you're even a member.  It's definitely worth a look! One of the  conversations started by a very active member and a friend, became a very hot topic.  Myths heard regarding dysphagia is a hot topic in the SLP world.  Below is [...]

Dysphagia App

What's changing on Dysphagia Ramblings?? NOTHING!! I'm adding to enhance my blogging to include app reviews. Not only will I start reviewing apps (officially) on my blog for dysphagia apps, I will also include some cognitive, language, etc apps. My first review? Of course it has to be Dysphagia by NSS App: Dysphagia What it [...]

Journey to BRS-S

It's official!  I finally did it and am so extremely happy and excited!!  I finally, not only had my application accepted by the BRS-S (Board Recognized Specialty in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders) and passed the exam.  I can officially put the title BRS-S after my credentials!  I wish that I could say that it was an easy [...]