Measuring Lingual Range of Motion

For so long, we have focused on lingual strength and range-of-motion. The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI),  the SwallowStrong and the Tongue Press have all been developed to give us visual and numeric strength measurements of the tongue. We finally have a measurement scale for lingual range of motion. C.L. Lazarus, H. Husaini, A.S. Jacobson, J.K. [...]


I-PRO.  Nope, it's not a new app for the iPad.  It stands for Isometric Progressive Resistance Oropharyngeal Therapy. Isometric is a sustained movement.  Wikipedia: "Isometric exercise, a form of resistance exercise in which one's muscles are used in opposition with other muscle groups, to increase strength, for bodybuilding, physical fitness, or strength training."   Our field has definitely moved [...]

Respiratory Muscle Strength Training

I recently went to an interesting course on respiratory muscle strength training, and by recently I mean 2 months ago!  I found the course very interesting. It was taught by Christine Sapienza. Respiratory muscle strength training has strong implications for dysphagia, is easy to implement and really fairly affordable.  Inspiratory strength training works on the muscles of inspiration [...]