Cervical Auscultation

Cervical Auscultation

  What is Cervical Auscultation? Using Cervical Auscultation (CA) involves the use of a stethoscope, placed on the throat to "listen" to the sounds of the swallow. Clinicians often use CA to assess swallow sounds and airway sounds.  Judgements are made on the normality of the swallow or the degree of impairment of swallowing. Cervical [...]

3 Reasons You Should Never “Fake it Till You Make it” in Dysphagia

I really don't know where the phrase "fake it till you make it" came but it's one phrase that absolutely makes me cringe in relationship to dysphagia. Don't get me wrong.  You should always go in confident in your skills.  How can you possibly be confident though in skills you don't possess? The scary part [...]

Supraglottic and Super-Supraglottic Swallows and Tongue Pressure-Research Review

Fujiwara, S, Ono, T, Minagi, Y, Fujiu-Kurachi, M, Hori, K, Maeda, Y, Boroumand, S, Nitschke, I, Ursula, V, Bohlender, J.  Effect of Supraglottic and Super-supraglottic swallows on Tongue Pressure Production against Hard Palate.  Dysphagia (2014) 29:655-662.   The Super- and Supraglottic Swallows are maneuvers used to assist in early airway closure to prevent food or [...]

Swallowing and Dysphagia Rehabilitation: Translating Principles of Neural Plasticity into Clinically Oriented Evidence

I'm back to the research!  I took a brief break last month.  Since I was covering 3 buildings and transitioning into the school system, I thought blogging about research might be pushing the limits a bit.  Not to mention creating slides for a presentation in Montana. In looking into creating some new slides for a [...]

Respiration and Swallowing

How do you assess respiration when completing a swallow evaluation? Do you assess respiration during a swallow evaluation? What methods can be utilized to assess respiration during swallowing? There are several really good articles available.  Dr. Bonnie Martin-Harris has been a leader in researching respiration and swallowing. Below are links to a few abstracts of [...]