Cervical Auscultation

Cervical Auscultation

  What is Cervical Auscultation? Using Cervical Auscultation (CA) involves the use of a stethoscope, placed on the throat to "listen" to the sounds of the swallow. Clinicians often use CA to assess swallow sounds and airway sounds.  Judgements are made on the normality of the swallow or the degree of impairment of swallowing. Cervical [...]

“Establishing a Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Clinical Pathway: An Implementation Evaluation and Audit of Dysphagia-Related Services and Outcomes”

If you are considering joining or starting a head and neck cancer program, this is the read for you! I was searching through articles this morning and found this very article stating the importance of a team approach and a systematic approach to head and neck cancer! "Head and neck cancer guidelines recommend multidisciplinary team [...]

They won’t follow my recommendations so let’s burn them at the stake!!

OK, so we’re probably not going to be burning any patients at the stake. I’m fairly certain that you may lose your license for that! I’m sure we’ve all been there though.  We do a thorough assessment of a patient.   We obtain instrumental assessment just as we were advised.  We make recommendations based on [...]

Course Alert-Evidence Based Practice

Image from:http://thecollaboratory.wdfiles.com/local--files/philosophy-of-thought-and-logic-2011-2012/critical_thinking_skills.jpg ... Northern Speech Services has a new course called:  Evidence-Based Practice In Adult Dysphagia Management: What The Evidence Says About Commonly Selected Rehabilitation Interventions.  This is a webinar by Ianessa Humbert, Catriona Steele and Phoebe Macrae. I took this course over the weekend.  It was GREAT!  It starts with approximately 35 minutes of [...]

Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated Beverages Carbonated beverages have hit the dysphagia world by storm.  Much of the recent dysphagia research has focused on the sensory portion of the swallow and how sensory drives the swallowing process.  Part of the sensory process is carbonated beverages.  One of the common misconceptions at this time is that carbonated beverages act as [...]

The Patient Exercising Their Right to Choose (Formerly The Non Compliant Patient)

EDIT 1/4/17.  Due to a recent Facebook post, I wanted to change some wording on this post.  As with all areas of dysphagia, I continue to grow, learn and change my beliefs, mainly because of the patients I serve. Although my belief stands that those patients who do not follow my recommendation continue to require [...]