Do I Really Not Have Access to Instrumental?

Do I Really Not Have Access to Instrumental?

It's the never-ending soapbox.   I know.  There was probably even an eye-roll at seeing this article. All.  The.  Time. Did you get an instrumental?  Well, why not?   You don't know anything without the instrumental. Reason Numero Uno The number one reason, that I've seen for not obtaining an instrumental is no access.   The SLP wants [...]

Variations in Tongue-Palate Pressures with Xantham Gum Thickened Liquids-Research Overview

Steele, CM, Molfenter, SM, Peladeau-Pigeon, M, Polacco, RC, Yee, C.  Variations in Tongue-Palate Swallowing Pressures When Swallowing Xantham Gum-Thickened Liquids.  Dysphagia (2014) 29:678-684. "Thickened liquids are frequently recommended to reduce the risk of aspiration in patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia."  We know that tongue-palate pressures increase with thicker liquids, however little is known about the differences [...]

Gelmix Thickener

I was really excited to see Gelmix at the ASHA Convention this year.  I've heard a lot about Gelmix, but have never had the opportunity to try it until now!What is Gelmix? Gelmix is a "healthy thickener" as it is USDA Organic.  Gelmix was formulated to thick breast milk, formula and other liquids.  Gelmix is [...]