Thickened Jello?

SimplyThick Jello

A few months back, my friend and Simply Thick representative Eileen Hahn approached me.  She had something new and exciting for me to try and she was going to visit my area in the near future.

You know how when you have a patient that can no longer drink thin liquids, because they aspirate, the two main items they seem to want is jello and water.  They have a very difficult time understanding that jello melts to a thin liquid and they can no longer have this.

Eileen brought me samples of jello she made using Simply Thick to thicken the jello so that it remains thick.  Much like the concept of the Magic Cups.

Eileen brought me several samples to try.  Some nectar consistency and some were honey consistency.  I tried the jello at first just for the taste.  It actually tasted like jello and was good.  A little thicker than I remember jello, but it really didn’t seem much different.

So, in remembering the pragmatic skills that we learn and teach, I waited until Eileen left, shut my door and then came the real taste-test.  I held the jello in my mouth as long as possible.  I swished the jello, chewed it and at times, just held it.  Then, I spit the jello back into the cup for the clinical spoon test.  You know, it’s how we poor clinicians test the consistency of liquids.  Run it off the spoon to check the consistency.  The jello seemed to maintain it’s thickened consistency, at least per the spoon test.

Simply Thick is continuing to test the product and is using the expert input of SLPs that specialize in dysphagia.  They had many samples made up for testing at the 2013 ASHA convention.

Here are the directions, straight from Eileen, if you would like to make and trial your own thickened jello!

“I purchased the pre-made Jello in 4oz cups from the grocery and put it into the food processor.    For every 4oz container, I added either one Nectar or one Honey packet.  Processed it and put it back into container and back into the refrigerator to re-set.”

“When using powdered jello, I followed the recipe, but shorted the cold water portion by the number of ounces of SimplyThick I added.   Since SimplyThick is mostly water, I thought reducing the water would keep the flavor from being diluted and improve the thickness.”

Thank you so much Eileen for a fantastic idea!

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4 thoughts on “Thickened Jello?

  1. Love the idea! Will have to try this. I have found that Black Forest Guumy bears and worms are also easy for me to swallow. They help my medicine go down. Is that logical? Not the best nutrition but I have never had trouble swallowing them. Is it the thickened gelatin?

  2. This is interesting to me. I always looked at Jello as a sort of thickened liquid as long as it was served/eaten as a solid and not allowed to melt. After being allowed to “Melt” is when it turned into a regular “liquid”. I learned something new…

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