SWIK Oral Suction System

ASHA Convention 2021

I absolutely love going to the ASHA convention.   I think my favorite part of the convention is networking and finding new and amazing products.

I was so excited this year to find the SWIK Oral Suction System.

I know…..what in the heck is that??

SWIK Oral Suction System

I went into the exhibit hall this year the minute it opened and the SWIK booth was right there in front of me!

I was intrigued by this oral suctioning system.   Typically patients use a suction canister, tubing and a Yankauer to suction their mouth.   This can be very difficult and can be difficult for patients to keep up as they have to turn on the machine and suction anytime suctioning is required.

The SWIK was actually made to stay in the mouth.   The SWIK is made of a small antimicrobial sponge-like material that will hold 5 ml of secretions without suctioning.   There is a tube that is attached to the sponge in the mouth and then attached to a pump with continuous, hands-free suction provided by a small, quiet Modela pump.  You can use this with any negative pressure pump.   The sponge is latex-free, non-sterile.

Pictures of the SWIK







Offers Dignity

The SWIK offers dignity to those who cannot independently manage their own secretions.   The SWIK was designed for comfort for the user.

If you are interested in more information on this system, including how to use it, how to use the mouthpiece and to watch a short video on how to use the system, visit the website.

Founder and CEO

I had the absolute pleasure to meet the person responsible for this system, Rebecca Altounian, who is actually a hairdresser and saw a need for a device such as this.


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