The History of the Modified Barium Swallow Study

The History of the Modified Barium Swallow Study

No matter what you call it...there is a history behind the Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS). Gold Standard? The Modified Barium Swallow Study has long been called THE gold standard in dysphagia evaluation, however it does have its limitations.   The MBSS definitely continues to be A gold standard in swallowing evaluation. Early Days In the [...]

The Interview

The Clinical Swallowing Evaluation One of the most crucial components, at least for me, of the Clinical Swallow Evaluation (CSE), is the interview. I haven't found a lot of published research regarding the interview portion of the CSE, so if you've found any, please let me know in the comments! There is a nice example [...]

We Can’t Treat What We Don’t Know

Call it what you like, a bedside swallowing evaluation, a bedside swallow, a clinical swallow evaluation. No matter what you call it it's never the same. At a recent ASHA convention there was a session by Leder, Coyle and McCullough which addressed the clinical swallow evaluation versus instrumental evaluation. Dr. Coyle stated that the bedside [...]


                                                   How Did I Ever Find MannaQure? This always happens to me during the ASHA convention.  I get to a point that I am, well, maybe a bit silly and start [...]